Build a well off Society

"13th Five-Year" start! Building a moderately prosperous society into the countdown.

in Beijing in March, hundreds of millions of Chinese people’s wisdom and strength to gather here again.

day, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping attended the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Qinghai, the PLA delegation visit, attended the CPPCC National Committee of the twelve session of the four meeting of the Federation of industry and Commerce Committee and to participate in the joint meeting discussions with representatives of member are candid and discuss the state affairs together a comprehensive well-off society, to a marching order.

to make solemn commitment to the people

for Guo Jianqun, a Hmong woman from Xiangxi, the day of March 8th is not only a holiday, but also a day she will never forget.

9 in the morning, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Hunan delegation to participate in the deliberations, listened to her speech and cordial exchanges with her.

this is the second time that Guo Jianqun has seen Xi Jinping. November 3, 2013, Xi Jinping visited Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture eighteen hole village, as governor of the general secretary Guo Jianqun listened to the general secretary of the precise poverty alleviation requirements.

spokesman, Guo Jianqun said emotionally: "two years ago, we remember you entrust, in accordance with the precise poverty required to do, the people of the village of eighteen hole income increased, the change of the village, the villagers more than a smile, for the development of strong desire, even the older young men" and single "also easy……"

Xi Jinping smiled and asked her, how many people in the village last year married daughter-in-law?

"7." Guo Jianqun replied. The general secretary nodded with satisfaction.

when the state that there are 500 thousand poor people, Xi Jinping asked, the condition is worse than the village of eighteen holes? Guo Jianqun said that the conditions of eighteen villages in the middle of the village. Xi Jinping asked, how much is it? Close to half." Guo Jianqun answer.

comprehensive well-off, highlighting the short board in rural poverty alleviation. And to win this tough battle, the most fundamental method is accurate.

Xi Jinping encouraged everyone to carry forward the Hunan people eat bitter, PA was excellent traditional, pretty hard tie Zhai, tough, determined to win the battle of poverty.

This year’s

NPC and CPPCC, Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that the poverty alleviation program as a "top priority" in 13th Five-Year during a period of time to catch.

to participate in the deliberations of the delegation of Qinghai, Xining Hui high school teachers to show flowers on behalf of the speech attracted Xi Jinping’s attention.

show flowers told the general secretary, this time to attend the meeting, she specialized in several pastoral areas of the school conducted a survey and found that the change is obvious. However, the problem of the overall quality of rural teachers is not high, especially in Chinese and national language teachers are weak.

Xi Jinping pointed out: poverty alleviation wisdom, to pay more attention to education out of poverty, focus;

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