Green symphony for the electric car race accompaniment

The first round of Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge will be held from June 9th to 13, with the 2014 Green Fair held. In June 12th, Chinese National Symphony Orchestra in Qinghai Lake ‘Green Lake symphony concert for events to add to the fun, the concert will be injected into the "beat note" is the first of the electric car race, but also will create the highest altitude concert precedent.

then, by the famous pianist, universal artist Xue Xiaoqiu Piano Concertos, the world famous Chinese singing artist Mo Hualun, qinggesai champion Wang Qingshuang, two th qinggesai silver and CCTV-MTV Music Festival’s most popular singer Cao Fujia will be the site of potential singing classic songs were played green harmonious movement. The concert also invited the famous musician, lyricist for songs contest "fly" and "Plateau" eyes, the expression of good wishes and the event deeply love holy plateau, human green home round. The concert theme is "plateau eyes", the concert is divided into "in that distant place," Plateau "eyes", "sacred music", "beauty of Qinghai, flying Chinese" four chapters.

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