Deep well fracturing in Qinghai Oilfield

6 2, the new wells in the success of fracturing wells in the cattle of 1. This marks the Qinghai oilfield already has the ability to organize the implementation of deep fracturing technology.

east area is the key area of natural gas exploration in Qinghai oilfield. It is the first time in the fracturing history of Qinghai oilfield to organize the implementation of the new deep well fracturing of Niu Xin 1 well. Niu Xin 1 well is the most deep exploration of the natural gas exploration wells, drilling depth of 5430 meters.

through nearly 20 hours of continuous work, Qinghai oilfield successfully in the new wells of the new wells in the deep well fracturing. In the fracturing process by acid liquid pretreatment, multi slug grinding process, low friction and smooth water system, reduce the construction of ground pressure, help to improve the construction displacement, increase in fracture net pressure, activation of natural fracture; oil liquid nitrogen foam composite fracturing technology, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid discharge of gas wells after fracturing.

Once the breakthrough exploration of

cattle 1 well natural gas, can be the Qaidam Basin in eastern Arjin Piedmont natural gas reservoir and to promote things contiguous basin hinterland, continue to expand exploration field in Qaidam basin indicates that the Altyn mountain, good exploration prospect and great exploration potential.


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