Five minutes will be able to hospital patients in the hospital after the first settlement service

The morning of September 1st, 10, who lives in Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Golmud source Peak District Tiexi road Gao Xiuyuan, accompanied by his family, came to the hospital building the hospital formalities of Qinghai Red Cross Hospital, she also became the first in the hospital to enjoy after the first hospitalization settlement service for patients. On the same day, is the province’s public medical institutions started "the first day after the first hospitalization settlement service model, even the day, reporters at the hospital of Qinghai Red Cross Hospital, the Fifth People’s Hospital and other hospital procedures to see, to come to the hospital formalities were basically in the upper house can live within 5 minutes, everyone on this one policy clap.

"this policy is good!" Qinghai Red Cross hospital discharge and hospitalization procedures for patients and their families, after hearing the medical insurance department director Lv Qinxia’s explanation, are good for this policy. Gao Xiuyuan and his family to come up with identity cards and medical insurance card, less than 5 minutes, it is good to do the formalities, said happily, Gao Xiuyuan: this does not have to go to the bank to queue up to get money, then the hospital queue to pay. Do not have to live in the hospital, but also enough to worry about the deposit every day." Then, they carefully read from Lv Qinxia handed over to the public medical institutions in Qinghai after the first hospitalization settlement agreement. Always stand beside listen to a patient’s family policy said: "our home for the elderly hypertension today suddenly fainted, just sent, who took more than 1 thousand dollars, also worried that if the one thirty to raise money, to delay the treatment! This, I can rest assured. This policy is really a solution to the urgent needs of many people!"

Lv Qinxia told reporters that the hospital during the patient’s Hospital, the relevant clinical departments will be based on the patient’s condition to inform the patient about the cost of treatment. In addition, in order to fully respect the patient’s right to know, the hospital will provide patients with treatment measures, treatment costs, etc., and signed by the patient. The hospital will be strictly enforced at their own expense, drugs, diagnosis and treatment project of patients at their own expense (or family) signature system, and establish the patient satisfaction survey system, let the patient clearly in hospital, doctor, was happily as clear as noonday.

in the Province Fifth People’s Hospital (Provincial Cancer Hospital) hall, the family members of the patient Ma Haiyu looked at the wall affixed to the hospital after the first settlement policy propaganda, finally is to lay down their hearts. He told reporters, to come on the road is also worried that if the moment can not raise so much money, Dad’s disease can be delayed. Now I am relieved, I’ll go and get my father to the hospital to live."

"in fact, the first to pay the hospital, from the hospital’s perspective, to avoid the risk of defaulting to a certain extent, but also raise the threshold for people to see a doctor, take out some families of patients. In addition, as a patient, the first payment, pressure, so that the doctor-patient communication is not convenient." Province Fifth People’s Hospital, vice president Zhao Chengmao told reporters, due to the service in the front, after the payment, the formation of a forced mechanism, force the hospital to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, improve service quality.

interview, many patients said, "the hospital has provided us with such convenient service, we should also;

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