Long vacation, to silently dedication of the workers salute!

Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, when people across the country are enjoying the holiday pleasure, workers in many industries still stick to their posts, with their sweat watching festival of joy and harmony, to work conscientiously, small family homes for everyone’s dedication to our holiday life to create a a piece of clean, quiet.

on the morning of October 1st 7, the reporters came to the north of the city of Xining City District Bridge Street, the day is not completely lit up, tiny spots under the lights, several dressed in orange red overalls of the sanitation workers, they sometimes bent down and picked up the shell fragments scattered on the ground, sometimes waving the broom removal at the foot of the garbage, and picked up the cloth to wipe the dust on the driveway fence…… Uniform movement looked so beautiful in the morning mist. Is busy transporting garbage Tao Yuhua told reporters that the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday period, due to the flow of people travel increases, the amount of labor sanitation workers increased significantly, the street garbage will also increase, compared to earlier than in the past, more than an hour, an hour late. And Tao Yuhua, like frontline sanitation workers throughout the streets of Xining. Tao Yuhua told reporters that although the job is very busy, but this work is also very glorious, looking clean and clean road, looking at the city of Xining more and more beautiful, they feel a sense of achievement in the heart!

during the long holiday, many tourists choose to travel by car, to ensure the safety of tourists and smooth traffic, Xining city police officers who give up holidays time, road patrol and traffic control in the main street, Xining Road, travel safety escort visitors". October 4th afternoon, reporters came to Xining dashizhi, Simon, South Ring Road traffic hub, the traffic from time to time there will be a peak stage, guard duty of the police to everything in good order and well arranged and directs the traffic, through their careful dredging work, short a few minutes the road has been smoothly. Xining city traffic police detachment two brigade police Qin Fuxi told reporters that during the holidays, the traffic pressure in Xining city than in the past mostly, the holiday, the traffic police detachment organized a large number of police patrols, mainly to ease the way to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, but also take the lead in packet form, for emergency situations were promptly resolved to ensure that no hair growth time and long distance traffic congestion, to ensure road safety, orderly and smooth. At the same time, Xining city each big hospital in active medical staff busy, attraction ticket conductor flashed a brilliant smile, in order to various bus services to the general public, the Xining West Railway Station staff is more busy than usual. Park, corner, construction points, hydropower stations, power supply bureau…… Tens of thousands of workers in the long stay in the post, silently dedication. "Holiday duty should be." A simple word is not only a kind of dedication, but also a kind of admirable move. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Liusun)

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