July since the introduction of eight new health care reform work began

In order to give the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the people of Qinghai gave a comprehensive reform pilot province with the "answer", from the beginning of this year, the province of the pilot comprehensive health care reform has done a lot of research, analysis and demonstration work, especially to further strengthen top-level design and system plan. The day before the introduction of eight documents, rendering the pilot work of "Qinghai comprehensive health care reform in the specific path", from July onwards, the implementation of the new policy on deepening the reform of public hospitals, improve the diagnosis and classification system, accelerate the reform of the medical insurance payment eight.

"plan" requirements of the implementation of the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in Qinghai Province, and comprehensively promote the reform of municipal public hospitals. Break in yaobu mechanisms, the establishment of medical service price adjustment mechanism, improve the drug procurement mechanism of medical supplies, control medical costs unreasonable growth, deepening the reform of personnel system, adjust and improve the salary system, establish a modern hospital management system, deepen the reform of Medicare payment system, do the grading treatment work, accelerate the construction of informationization. Provincial public hospital reform pilot. Improve with basic drugs and utilization rate, the gradual implementation of zero profit based medicine; control the unreasonable increase of medical cost, strengthen the management of clinical pathway; to strengthen the fine management of public hospital; to explore the formation of the Medical Association, to further improve the diagnosis and classification system; improve the construction of telemedicine system; implement the convenience Huimin measures; gradually advancing the reform of personnel distribution system perfect the compensation mechanism. Consolidation of county public hospital reform. To explore the integration of rural medical service in rural areas, improve the distribution system, improve the performance appraisal, and consolidate the effectiveness of county public hospital reform.

"to further implement the grading clinic work opinions" provisions, grassroots medical institutions to provide basic medical care, public health, maternal and child health care and family planning services; county-level medical institutions mainly carry out the common disease diagnosis and treatment of county residents, emergency rescue and difficult disease referral, responsible for basic medical and health institutions and personnel training and guidance, carry out prevention and control of infectious diseases and other public health services, natural disasters and emergency medical rescue work; three medical institutions to gradually reduce the common disease diagnosis and referral stable chronic disease clinic. In the work, and constantly improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases in medical institutions, integration and sharing of inspection resources, give full play to the health, science and medical service price, improve the ability of primary care services, strengthen the general practitioner team construction, accelerate the construction of the national health care information, explore the "three division management mode, explore more physician practice system, improving the referral mechanism.

"to further improve and perfect the urban and rural medical assistance system notice" provisions, relief object should be with the province residence residents, divided into key relief object, low income and expenditure based poverty relief assistance object object three. "Notice" to improve the focus of the rescue of the object of relief policy, adjust the standard of payment of insurance contributions, improve outpatient assistance policy, the appropriate adjustment of hospital assistance policy. Improve the relief fund for low-income relief policy, after the policy relief, basic medical insurance and residents of serious illness medical insurance reimbursement of more than 5000 yuan compliance medical expenses, according to the 50;

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