Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department 1 million 400 thousand benefits to the mass

Carry out

to further promote a new round of "grassroots organizations" activities, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to deliver early commitment to do things for the project as an important task of the construction of grass-roots organizations, raising nearly 140 yuan, completed 10 projects do early commitment over, so that the majority of grassroots party members and the masses benefit.

has been the Party Organization Department to strengthen a party friendly, raised 59 thousand yuan, conducted a free medical examination for the city’s 273 villages, community party deputy secretary; raised 120 thousand yuan, spent 600 yuan subsidy party work as Deputy Secretary of the city’s community Secretary of the party organization, to raise funds 225 thousand yuan; condolences, condolences to the difficulties of life the old party members, Party members and outstanding Party members 2177 people, so that party members and cadres to fully feel the warmth of the party.

to enhance learning and training, to provide intellectual support for the party members and cadres, has raised nearly 500 thousand yuan, for the city’s non-public economic organizations and social organizations of the party organization, county leaders and relevant departments responsible person, Party demonstration school, part of the grass-roots party organizations to purchase gift party publications, fine materials, books and other party. Has raised more than 30 yuan to carry out various types of training services.

in the strengthening of financial security, solid grassroots base, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department to raise 140 thousand yuan for the city’s 9 street communities, villages and towns in rural areas, organs and institutions grassroots party organizations to subsidize the work of Party building. (author: Sheng Nan)

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