Vagrants and beggars can go to 28 rescue points

Recently, in order to cope with the cold winter climate, the winter especially during the two life without begging rescue personnel nearby, 20 communities in the city set up a temporary relief for Vagrants and beggars community, to provide services for the nearby vagrants and beggars, in addition to the 8 temporary relief point is located in the four District three county also set up temporary signs, and equipped with the necessary food and relief supplies to keep out the cold winter. It is understood, is located in the East District 71 Road extension of Xining city rescue station to stop rescue and persuasion rescue combination is the main relief for Vagrants and beggars, South Gate Street East District of the East District of the temporary rescue center point, the south side of the square (Plaza Management Office) temporary relief, Bridge Street area in the city (convenience post) Garden Road Bridge in the town of Datong County Chengbei District temporary relief point, temporary relief, Datong County lushaer town Jinta road Huangzhong County temporary relief, Chengguan Town, 196 avenue of the Huangyuan County temporary relief point, new Ning square west area of temporary assistance as supplementary assistance, to ensure that no winter relief work. In addition, 20 communities will be temporary relief West District community to play a role in relief of the 20 temporary relief points are north and West Lane community commercial traffic lane community, East Traffic Lane community, Park Lane community, South Lane, North Lane Community meteorological meteorological community, Jia small community, Nishikawa Minami Road, the new West community, community the medical community, property relations in medicine West community, Cold Lake Road community, Haiyan Road community, the community and the community, Xiang Xing Sheng Xiang GA Si Xiang community, Kunlun Road East Kunlun Road West community, community, community, community college youth Xiang xiang. As of now, the city has set up a temporary love rescue site 28, begging rescue personnel 332 people, 231 people in the province, the province issued 101 passengers; 119 sets of winter warm cotton bedding, 42 bed, 32 pairs of shoes.  

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