Xining earthquake rescue team held fire drill

to do the heavy earthquake rescue cross regional preparatory work, to enhance the capability of emergency rescue, fire brigade on December 19th afternoon, Xining city police fire brigade held a rescue team pulling exercises.

On the afternoon of 19

, according to "the deployment of public security fire detachment earthquake rescue team pulling exercise plan" in Xining City, from Xining, Huangzhong and Datong District Four 11 earthquake rescue team of the fire officers and soldiers, carrying equipment, back with 72 hours of self security supplies marching backpack, rushed to the Xining City South Hill unitary assembly. As the commander of the order, the rescue team to carry, rescue and detection equipment, along the route towards Wenfeng monument. In the 6 km long distance training, fire officers and soldiers carrying a heavy load, less than an hour will all arrive at the end point.

pull the drill, effectively enhance the overall combat effectiveness of fire officers and soldiers and emergency rescue capabilities. (author: Long Tengfei)

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