The Xining of the primary and secondary roads parking sword

Parking on both sides, side by side parking, parking spaces, parking and other phenomena has been a long-standing traffic management". Reporters from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that from now on, the Xining police will comprehensively regulate parking order rectification, improve the efficient utilization of the roadway, not delimit parking or supermarkets and other shops since parking spaces affect traffic violations to strictly control, once discovered, will face heavy fines.Even

the regulation will be to stop illegal road parking ban law in strict penalties, the traffic police department will strengthen patrols frontline police on duty by riding a motorcycle, hiking and other ways of uninterrupted patrol, found illegal parking behavior of the driver in the car to drive away, not in the car all evidence entry, for a long time illegal parked vehicles towed, the maximum punishment to delimit the yellow line in a no parking sign, the section of the illegal parking of vehicles, once discovered, will be based on "road traffic safety law" and fined 200 yuan, recorded 3 points, a long time will stay on the vehicle drag.

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