EA expects to earn 1 billion from DLC this year

first_imgThe introduction of downloadable games to consoles and the now common always-on Internet connections in our homes has seen the way in which we are offered video game content change. We still purchase a game for a set price on a physical disc or as a download, but then publishers offer DLC on top of that to increase revenue.DLC can be controversial. In some cases you are paying for extra content and features that really should have shipped with the original game, and inevitably it ends up being rather expensive when the Game of the Year edition of a title arrives including it all. However, don’t expect DLC to disappear, in fact we can expect it to become more prevalent.EA is the prime example of why DLC is here to stay. This year the publisher is claiming that it will make $1 billion from DLC purchases alone. So what does that mean? EA is clearly going to offer more and more DLC for its games. The just released Madden NFL 15 is proof of that.Madden NFL 15 costs $60 to purchase and EA believes it will generate around $300 million in sales. But that’s just for the base game. DLC comes in the form of Madden 15 Ultimate Team purchases, which covers everything from players and playbooks to the jerseys those players wear and the stadiums they play in. At least $50 million in revenue is expected from Ultimate Team DLC purchases, but EA believes some gamers will spend far more on DLC than the original game cost. They’ve also clearly stated the opportunity here is to get “more dollars per unit.”I find this concerning because of what it ultimately may lead to. If gamers are spending more than the original game cost on DLC, publishers will only push for more content to be offered after purchase, meaning you get less up front for that $60 outlay. Sports games may class as a special case in this instance, but that wont stop EA experimenting with it in other genres (e.g. Dead Space 3 introduced more DLC and micro-transactions), and if it works as well, others will follow.last_img

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