Poppits pods offer toothpaste without any of the packaging

first_imgThe way in which we buy and dispense toothpaste hasn’t changed very much since modern toothpaste first became a thing you could buy. Typically you purchase a plastic tube full of toothpaste that you squeeze out on to a brush to use. Squeeze the tube the right way (from the end of course!) and there’s very little wasted, but you are always left with that hard-to-recycle plastic tube.A Kickstarter is attempting to change that, though, with the removal of the plastic tube from the equation. What replaces it are self-contained toothpaste pods that have no packaging and require no squeezing making them much simpler to use for kids, for example.Each Poppits softgel pod contains just enough toothpaste for a single brushing, with the toothpaste being released as soon as you place the pod in your mouth and the plant-derived cellulose film dissolves. The only packaging is the box the pods ship in, which is paperboard and therefore very easy to recycle. There’s also a kid’s version, available in 3 different flavors.With only a handful of hours to go and still $10,000 needed to reach its goal, it seems unlikely the Kickstarter will be a success. However, I still think this idea has legs. The inventor Wayne Solan already has a toothpaste company and manufacturing company on board. The Poppits will be made in the US, and the novelty of toothpaste without the tube has huge potential with a great marketing campaign behind it.My prediction is the toothpaste company will pick up the idea, make it their own, and pump some marketing dollars behind an initial run to see what happens. There’s still 3 hours to go at time of writing, though, so anything could happen.And one last point: Poppits toothpaste pods contain no fluoride. I thought that was worth pointing out to those of you who think it’s a poisonous mind control agent.last_img

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