Xining outstanding research results

Xining city recently held 2012 annual awards for outstanding research achievements, "Xining historical chromium slag comprehensive management situation investigation report", "Xining city county economic development research" and other 29 outstanding research achievements to be informed of recognition.

in recent years, in order to further strengthen the investigation and research work, the Xining municipal Party committee and government to develop the introduction of the Xining investigation and research results incentives, held last year, the city’s first survey work. The municipal Party and government organs at all levels around the municipal government center work and economic and social development of the key, difficult, hot issues, solid research. The district and municipal departments to set up the system, clarify the functions of positioning, and actively cultivate research staff, to further rationalize the working relationship, actively and consciously carry out investigation and research continues to improve, and improve the level of research, the research results enrich the research results, many entered the Xining municipal government and various departments at all levels of work the effectiveness of decision-making, promote the work of the research results is more obvious. (author: Yuan Yuhong)

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