Qinghai brand hot Wuhan closing

final business contract about 7000000000 yuan, venue sales of goods of $6 million 620 thousand, nearly 110 thousand people (Times) visited the exhibition hall…… During the three days of the 2015 Qinghai brand promotion conference in Wuhan yesterday ended, this promotion will successfully to domestic and foreign merchants to Qinghai to display the characteristic of brand promotion of Qinghai brand image, promote Qinghai brand resources, promote exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign business enterprises in our province, enhance my the brand building and operation ability.

2015 Qinghai brand products during the promotion of, a total of the province’s total of 207 brands exhibitors, exhibitors a total of goods in the top of the class, the 2400 varieties of goods, the total number of products in the market, the promotion of the Wuhan brand. 3 days, the cumulative sales of goods amounted to 6 million 620 thousand yuan. Among them, 153 companies to provide a taste of the goods of the 1180. Compared with the previous, this promotion will be more abundant content, the effect is more obvious, highlighting the scale, content, effectiveness and influence to achieve a new transcendence.

gradually as successive foreign will promote the latter effect, the enthusiasm of enterprises to go out of the higher requirements, more active, the participating enterprises in our province two city covers six states and Xining National Economic Development Zone, the characteristics of enterprise scale and strong enterprises, over the years is the most extensive area, exhibitors covering the most representative a variety of goods, and more complete, the industry covers more comprehensive and representative enterprises more extensive promotion will promote the enterprise self promotion and further going out.


, I actively organize buyers and enterprises in the province face-to-face negotiations, a total of 3 days, from Hubei and neighboring Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui and other 18 provinces, the city’s more than 2 thousand and 700 participating merchants. Before and after the promotion, a total of 53 companies in Shanghai province and Hongkong, Beijing and other provinces and municipalities, respectively, signed a total of about 92 companies signed a total of 92 projects signed a total contract amount of about $7 billion 211 million. Contracted projects including wool, medicine and health, agricultural and livestock products, drinks, handicrafts, chemical products, nonferrous metals and other 7 categories.

this promotion conference, not only our province’s beef and mutton, yogurt, medlar and honey rich plateau "original ecology", "organic" and "green" characteristics of the popular commodity, become popular promotion meeting, and specific items like Tibetan clothing etc. also favor. In addition, through the promotion, for the rapid popularization of the Wuhan people’s knowledge of Qinghai’s cultural resources, deepen the impression of Qinghai.


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