The province issued sixteen policy measures to promote employment and Entrepreneurship of college gr

recently, the office of the provincial government issued the "notice" on further improving the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship in the province in 2014, from the eight aspects of 2014 to 2019, the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial work launched 16 policy measures, urged the province’s colleges and universities graduate employment and entrepreneurship work made new achievements.

: widening the employment channel. Encourage enterprises to absorb the employment of College graduates. Conscientiously implement the provincial government to promote the employment of college graduates and support the development of small and micro enterprises policy measures, timely cash reward policy.

– encourage college graduates to grassroots employment. One is to co-ordinate the implementation of good college-graduate village official, three of a help plan, agricultural special post plan, teachers plan, southern plan and other basic services, earnestly implement the preferential policies of the expiration of the grassroots services personnel. Two is to encourage college graduates multi-channel employment. Through the government to purchase services, etc., to fully tap the grass-roots public management and services to attract college graduates employment potential.

– Guide and support independent entrepreneurship. First, the implementation of entrepreneurial leadership program. Through the provision of entrepreneurial services, the implementation of entrepreneurship support policies to enhance the entrepreneurial capacity, to ensure that qualified college graduates can receive services and policy incentives to help and support more college graduates to start their own business. Two is to improve entrepreneurship support policies. Broaden the way college graduates to set up enterprise investment, the implementation of industrial and commercial registration system reform measures to reduce the administrative license fees. The establishment of small and micro enterprises for college graduates, according to the provisions of the implementation of preferential tax policies. Three innovative financial support. The banking financial institutions to financial products and services for active exploration and innovation of college graduates meet the actual needs of entrepreneurial characteristics, lower loan threshold, optimize the loan approval process, improve the efficiency of loan approval, many ways for college graduates to solve the difficult problem of the practical implementation of the counter guarantee, bank loans and financial discount.

– further strengthening employment guidance, services and assistance. First, the implementation of the employment promotion plan. Human society, education, colleges and universities should work closely to do a good job of college graduates before and after leaving school information convergence and service continuity. Two is to strengthen the special employment services. Actively carry out public employment service personnel into the campus activities, strengthen the work of the relevant departments of the city with the aid of green convergence, green cities provide more aid for college students internships, job training, skills training opportunities and more jobs, promote employment of college graduates in our province to enhance skills and achieve off-site employment. Three is to increase employment training. Further implementation of the employment of unemployed college graduates employment training project, and effectively improve the vocational skills and comprehensive quality of graduates. Four is to strengthen employment assistance. Focus on helping zero employment families, rural poor households, urban and rural families, disabled and other employment difficulties of college graduates and minority college graduates.

— promoting employment equity. First, create a fair employment environment. From 2014 onwards, the state-owned enterprises to recruit college graduates, in addition to secret and other special positions, to implement open recruitment, the relevant information should be;

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