The third part of the Ministry of agriculture of Huangzhong county power reform pilot interim evalua

2016 in December 22nd to 23, the Ministry of agriculture commissioned the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences expert group on the province’s Huang Zhongxian rural collective property rights shares of the pilot reform of the right to conduct an interim assessment. The expert group has been that the county in accordance with the reform plan of time to complete the task, the reform results show, a solid foundation for the future management of collective assets play.

assessment expert group said after 5 to 41 content evaluation, Huangzhong County in the Western non operating assets in the underdeveloped minority areas and regions, the development of power reform work is good, the effect is significant, has achieved results, significant. The main characteristics of the county and township village three attaches great importance to promote the formation of the atmosphere; in the county 393 villages to carry out right of contracted land, the village collective economic organization members to define the identity of rural collective assets, assets, the positive development of farmer cooperative shares, to form a timely summary of the results of the reform has achieved results. Especially the basic work is extremely solid, novel and practical application platform, to ensure the member definition and capital verification and other work in an orderly way.

Group believes that the Huangzhong county power system reform pays attention to the design of the pilot reform, along in an orderly manner, the basic work to promote, to mobilize the participation of farmers, to break the difficulties of reform and development, reform is more stable and more effective and the cost is lower. Focus on Party committees and governments at all levels of support, strong leadership, adhere to the land and the right to promote the reform of the right to move forward, reducing the cost of reform.


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