Characteristics of the restaurant business plan

Chinese catering industry since ancient times has been a very popular industry, because Chinese since ancient times is a diet country, especially in today’s society, a variety of food and beverage enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like there, then how to operate a restaurant?

A, dry pot in the winter sales is really old, because of the cold weather in winter, dry pot is out soon cold. Many dishes are cold is not good, and it’s really cold winter, guests are very like some warm things, so, it is very warm in the body, so the pot products sell very well in the winter.

so suggest you store pot products increased in winter, such as mutton soup pot, soup pot, meat soup pot ribs. Your store is operating for many years, these will not beat your stock, use the existing manpower, increase food, without increasing the other human to do, but also save cost. In this way, you can avoid the embarrassment of dry pot in the winter, while the pot is also sold at the same time, so as to meet the needs of different guests.

two, increase product after start planning promotional activities. Sales promotion is to let customers know what you have new dishes, but also to attract them to the purpose of consumption.

1, the theme of promotional activities: Super affordable beauty + gastric     2, promotional content is to come to the guests, the guests first table of dishes, enjoy a 90 percent off discount, second tables of guests, dishes enjoy 80 percent off discount; third table consumption guests dishes enjoy 70 percent off discount…… And so on, to the full not a discount. For at least a week.

3, marketing and promotional activities:     (1), hang a banner in front of the shop, to put out the content of promotions;     (2), in the local television programs, the promotion delicacy, content to play out. At least 1 weeks.   (3), mobile TV programs on the bus.     (4), the promotion printing DM, newspaper clipping, number 100 thousand, the first time you can.

three, this promotion will undoubtedly bring great impact and popularity.


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