n the county to open a car home beauty shop feasible

the same shop, even if the operation of the product is exactly the same, but because of the different people in different places of consumption ability, the store will have a great deal of difference. Therefore, if you want to know whether the operation of a store is feasible, it is necessary to do a specific analysis. So, in the County opened a car wash beauty shop feasible?

now living standards continue to improve, the car into the tens of thousands of households, car ownership continues to rise steadily, in 2014 China’s car ownership reached 157 million. According to the authoritative statistics, car sales accounted for only 20% of the profits of the automotive industry, the automobile market profits to the automotive industry accounted for 80%, more optimistic about the car market after the entrepreneurs have entered this industry auto beauty and maintenance. Now the county’s rapid economic development, car ownership continues to increase, the county with the increasing of cars, the automobile market has become more and more, many entrepreneurs are thinking of opening the car beauty stores in the county.

, however, in the county to open a car wash beauty shop really feasible? According to a professional car beauty brand for many years on the market statistics, the county car wash beauty shop has advantages and disadvantages. In the county to open the car wash beauty shop has several advantages:

1 County, compared to urban areas, due to the smaller area in the site, the geographical position is not too much care, as long as the southeast from the northwest 4 directions from the moderate, convenient transportation, convenient parking can.

2, the rent is cheaper. About 70% of the cost of car wash beauty stores are spent on rent and decoration, the county car wash beauty shop can reduce the cost of capital.

3, the county staff in this area is easier to recruit. Most people in the county are from the surrounding countryside, rural population, many are unemployed at home, so the car beauty stores, compared to urban areas more vulnerable to recruitment.

4, the county because of the small size of the area, as long as the store size moderate, construction professional, good service, good quality, car wash beauty shop is more likely to quickly form a brand influence.

County tourists in relatively less sense. County roadside stalls car wash shop more, there is no professional service, the store is not formal, can not give the owners enough trust, service stay on the basis of the car wash service, the lack of beauty conservation projects. So in the county to open the car wash beauty shop also has disadvantages:

1. customer fixed, relatively small, slow development, easy to touch the bottleneck.

2. customer awareness and consumer awareness of automotive beauty projects, with the passenger flow, there is no good

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