Shop to do business misunderstanding to calm

Why did

say if entrepreneurship shop, it is best to look at whether they are suitable, not the capital or operational capacity of the problem, some of which is entirely due to personality decisions. If the temper is very hot, very easy to conflict with others, so how to do business? What happens if you meet a contradiction? A quarrel, two quarrels, and a quarrel between the three…… There might not be a customer.

for ten years, my wife and I have been in the town running my own grocery store, life not rich, but plain do not have a fun. Business, we always adhere to the principle of good faith, warm hospitality to every customer, in the small town won a good reputation.

due to the town away from the main city, some promotional activities will not be held simultaneously manufacturers. I did not expect this time difference actually brought me a little trouble.

one day at noon, the store is not busy, my wife and I are eating while watching TV, a young female Gu polite angrily walked into the store: "the boss, I will be your old customer, how do you like this? Yesterday I went to town to buy the × × drink only 30 yuan a box, but you should last week to sell me a box of 35 yuan, this is not deceptive!" The other side of the attitude of some aggressive, love red face, and the other side of the theory, I had no choice but to stop: go to the sister to pour a cup of tea!"

lover left, I smiled and said to the customer: "sister, you listen to my explanation. We did get the information before the manufacturers to organize promotional activities, according to the plan is the first county township. When you buy drinks last week, the town has not carried out promotional activities, I ordered the goods did not arrive, you naturally can not enjoy the preferential price. If you buy today, I am sure that the store is 30 yuan a box. This sister, after the promotion, I inform you in advance, how?" Customers understand what happened, face slowly calmed down.


is a hot temper, or when things can not calm the owner, when this happens and the customer may have a fight, eventually losing a customer, with the word of mouth among customers, the business of the shop will have a great impact. Now looking at the customer left back, I also relieved.

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