What kind of emotional quotient do entrepreneurs have

is a small entrepreneurs need EQ, yes, look at all those successful entrepreneurs, their emotional intelligence is absolutely high, but entrepreneurs should have what kind of emotional intelligence, let us work together to study about it.



two. Conscious

three. Self regulating

five specifications:

1. Self control emotion and impulse interference, the pressure is still able to think clearly;

3 belonging to a minority with a conscience, adhere to the principle of commitment, responsible for their own goals;

the resilience, view of things should be flexible, with adjustment reaction and strategy.

four. Self excitation

five. Empathy


1. Understand the feelings and opinions of others, take the initiative to care for others and help them;

2. Service oriented, forecasting, understanding and meeting customer needs;

3. Assist others in development;

4. Use of multiple resources;

5. With a certain degree of political sensitivity, interpretation of key power relations;

6. Understand the factors that influence customers and competitors. This, be careful! Many employees and customers, you sympathize with him, he will bite back


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