Planning activities should pay attention to what factors

activity planning is necessary for modern life, so, how to plan activities? Planning activities should pay attention to what factors? How to plan the activities more perfect and complete? May wish to come together to understand!

should be said that such an event, on the surface is very perfect, in a sense, also represents a high level of planning activities, however, if in accordance with Shao Zhufu’s "1 cm marketing" theory and the lectures mentioned in the domestic enterprises common "not fault, can not find highlights" point of view, in fact, there are still many problems.

is there a "five W" and a "H"

our activities without characteristics, no highlights, or "special features" "bright bright", how will have a good marketing effect? Because, it is hard to find a place where the whole activity is bright and exciting.

Paste "ground", but also "popular"

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