What are the three major steps in the 2012

in 2011 has been away from us, in the new year of 2012, many people want to start a business, but had no enough money. No capital how entrepreneurship for many people, is out of reach, the main reason is that there is no capital, do not know how entrepreneurial skills. In fact, there is no capital can start.


no capital how to start the second step strategy is: not money.

the beginning, their lack of funds, it can get some funds relatively low project started, can start from the beginning of the Internet, online shop, do these are feasible measures, for example, you can join the ranks of nicenic agent, a start, start-up capital is only 500 yuan in advance, this is not money. Join after they will give you a website sales platform, you can only earn profits can be responsible for the sales, maintenance technology and customers are responsible for them, which can be said to be a zero investment venture, as long as the heart, work hard, do not do not succeed.

The secret of success is



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