Alice tea join advantage obviously

Alice joined the tea brand market has been concerned, the number of stores is also increasing. If you want to invest in milk tea project, select the brand project will have many advantages. What are the specific advantages embodied in? Many franchisees are not very clear, hurry up with Xiaobian to see it.

1, Hong Kong style milk tea for tea based, supplemented by the formation of a unique taste of milk, favored by the vast number of consumers. But once the desktop become fashionable for a time tea, because too sweet taste by consumers gradually eliminated.

2, some such as Hongkong’s TVB, Hongkong shopping mall, Hongkong, Disney and other elements of the impact of the led to a lot of 85- 90 Hong Kong style milk tea. So it is the seventeenth Century Hongkong "old tea" tea stockings is the consumer in the store will be one of the Hot Tea, HK Style.

, as a pioneer of tea brand is owned by Alice, the tea is not far behind. Now Alice tea shops all over 25 provinces, more than 85 cities, nearly 600 stores.

According to a survey by

, Alice joined the tea has 22 support policies, from the decoration to the shop to operate, the whole is a professional service team to support, no matter whether the franchisee shop experience, enjoy the whole nanny service shop, let franchisees no worries, secure when the boss. And as long as 110 thousand of the small fee, in the next 3 or 4 months will be able to return to this, is simply a low-cost high income business without losing money.

Alice joined the tea project success has attracted the attention of franchisees, the above analysis to let everyone know the Hot Tea, HK Style products to the brand as the representative of attracting the attention of consumers, if you want to join us to act quickly, hoping to help the headquarters of strength, meet the needs of the market, can not miss a good opportunity.

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