Famous brand of paint on the market

as long as it is the need for the decoration of the new premises, the demand for paint products is huge,   where the housing renovation can be separated from this product? So the investment in this industry, select a well-known brand, is to occupy an absolute advantage, the following is the paint brand recommendation, I hope you look good.

1, Dulux

2, Nippon

Nipponpaint (Nippon) Nippon  Paint  Singapore, in the operation of the brand, Chinese Nipponpaint company was founded in 1962 by Singapore Investment Group immediately and management. Since its inception in 1881, has experienced hundreds of years of continuous improvement innovation, has become an important global automotive paint supplier and the largest supplier of building decorative paint, its production and sales in the Asia Pacific region has always ranked first in the global chemical industry ranked the top ten. Nippon international network throughout Asia, Europe and America more than a dozen countries and regions. As the world’s few manufacturers can provide all the paint products, its high quality products is to win the trust and praise of the global users. 2013, Nippon China topped 500 real estate developers strongly preferred supplier list coatings. The state legislature as the region’s largest paint manufacturers, its wide range of business, involving a variety of areas, including architectural coatings, automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, coil coatings, powder coatings and so on is among the best in the industry. Guangzhou Honda, Tianjin TOYOTA, will focus on the Olympic venues, CCTV new site, all of them in the Nippon surface under the protection of shine.

3, GEIL 3D color paint

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