This year’s flood from Jiangsu

recently for a period of time, as the rainy season, all in common rainfall, Jiangsu has a serious flood situation, for the province’s economic development has caused great damage. So, this year’s flood in Jiangsu? What are the characteristics? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

The reporter learned from the

July 4th morning in Jiangsu province flood prevention and Drought Relief Command Center held the "informed the province’s current flood control work situation", since the flood season this year, especially since the mod, most of the province appeared several times of heavy rainfall, the area to the south of Huaihe suffered heavy rainfall attacks in South of Jiangsu Province along the Yangtze River is serious flood.

[Q: this year’s flood? Answer: there are four characteristics]

this year, our province flood was the overall rainfall and rainfall intensity, and high water level and high level long duration of these four features.

rainfall. First, the province’s total rainfall this year. As of July 3rd, the province surface rainfall of 666 mm, compared with the average by more than 44%, of which: along the Yangtze River in South of Jiangsu area surface rainfall of 889 mm, 61% more than normal; between 578 mm and 34% more than normal; the Huaibei area of 364 mm, 7% more than normal.

two is more meiyu. This rainy season too much. From June 18th to July 3rd after the mod, I Taihu Valley in the Meiyu Rainfall of 393.1 mm, 1.68 times last year than the average Meiyu total, 71.6% more than the total Meiyu Rainfall of South of Jiangsu; 388 mm, 1.58 times last year than the average years of Meiyu total, more than 65% of total meiyu.

rainfall intensity. Mod after two strong rainfall occurred in our province are mainly distributed in the South of Jiangsu area along the Yangtze river. June 26th to 28, Changzhou rainfall of 127.7 mm, Wuxi rainfall of 115.8 mm, Suzhou rainfall of 79.1 mm, the cumulative rainfall of a single point of the largest official Lin mm, followed by the Changzhou estuary station 167 mm. From June 30th to July 2nd in South of Jiangsu area along the Yangtze River, heavy rain to heavy rain, Wuxi rainfall of 188.2 mm, Nanjing 165.4 mm of rainfall, Changzhou rainfall of 225.8 mm, Zhenjiang 170.5 mm of rainfall, single point cumulative rainfall maximum of Nanjing Yao Jia ShuiKu Railway Station 346 mm, 333 mm Nanjing second blue bridge.

high level of rivers and lakes. As of July 4th 8, the Taihu average water level 4.69 meters, 0.89 meters higher than the warning level, listed since 1949 fourth; South of Jiangsu, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou along the canal water level despite the full drainage, still in a high level across the state, in July 4th 8, were as high as 4.57 meters, recommended

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