Based on market demand for rural shops can also be developed

relative to the city’s shops, rural shops due to the consumption of the environment and economic reasons, the general profit margins are subject to restrictions, the operating situation is not optimistic. With the increasing prosperity of the society, the living standard of the people in the rural areas has been greatly improved, and the consumption level is proportional to the growth of the ladder.

had most of them smoked cigarette price 3 yuan / bag, and now the rural areas, such as the low price of cigarettes has almost No one shows any interest in. Instead of 5.5 yuan / pack ~12 yuan / pack of cigarettes. Prior to the construction of the house or the old man died in the family of 7 yuan / pack of cigarettes entertain relatives and friends, but now feel that this class of cigarettes is difficult to take the shot. Even the most ordinary peasant family, also in Nanjing (Ying Hong) the hospitality.

as the owner, in the normal operation of natural feel changes in people on cigarette demand, more Anxi such changes. It is well known that the profits of the low-grade cigarettes are much lower than those of the high-grade cigarettes. Of course I’d rather sell some more expensive cigarettes.

see such a market, in order to make the appropriate adjustments to the plan, the order of the focus from the original into the middle and low grade, in order to adapt to the trend of the market.

had the village the customer came to my shop, asked me to inquire about a tone, to buy 20 Nanjing (hard red) have? I even said. The man said with a sigh of relief, "that’s great! Ran several stores have said not so much. Home renovation of the new house, always ready to smoke the chef." See him say so, but I have a new idea.

I took the Nanjing cigarette from inside to outside by the cabinet also took out a few clouds (purple) placed on the counter, so casually said, "home decoration to spend a lot of money? In fact, the master will not entertain to red Nanjing, clouds is also good ah, your village is Zhang Yunyan, people master said the clouds taste better than red Nanjing. The overhead that people master is also very satisfied, work very much. Why don’t you do it to entertain tobacco yunyan." I heard the old house to buy the customer with clouds, changed his mind and said: "well, Yunyan is bad, how did not expect beforehand? Just give me 20 clouds!"

, while I was stealing music, I packed it up carefully. But to seize the human herd mentality, and I stand in the cost point for him to consider, once again successfully sell yunyan.

says business is hard, especially in rural areas. After all, the vast rural areas, the resident population is less and less. In my opinion, it is difficult to operate in their own ideas rigid. It’s not what we want, but what we have

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