How to join golden Prince steak

are you still looking for a good steak to join the project? Is not to be so many projects around the steak, never mind, for you to recommend a good steak: Kim steak. Wenzhou Kim catering Co. Ltd., is located in the East China Sea, the beautiful and fertile, convenient transportation, information developed, abundant natural resources, Wenzhou, founded in 2000, is a combination of centralized and Western-style food chain enterprises.

now Zhejiang has 18 direct Western-style food restaurant chain, under the brand of "Kim Steak" as the leading products, with its unique flavor won the special favor of the broad masses of customers, has enjoyed a reputation; companies with high-quality product quality, good reputation, integrity and advanced management system in the industry establish a good the corporate image, has won high reputation in customers.

back in the past: busy accumulation of results, achievements in the pressure of performance. Every time you grow up, you always give people the power of cheer and joy. Looking to the future: new targets and new strategies to make people look forward to, and to

golden Prince steak advantage

1. golden Prince steak franchise franchise joined, enjoy the right to use the brand and the right to operate all goods;

2. image of the right to use: free headquarters unified VI image design system, to achieve the overall image of the national store.

3. regional protection rights: according to the actual situation of the regional market, in strict accordance with the development of the idea of the development of the brand shop operators, the development of the principle of regional franchise stores, to join the strict implementation of shopping district protection;

4. stores the performance return Award: the completion of the contract purchase amount, the headquarters were given month and generous annual rebate rebate.

5. Kim steak chain agent priority: under the same conditions of stores have priority area exclusive buyout;

6. free exchange right: unmarketable, overstocked products on the premise of the two sale, full refund.

7. security exit right: for various reasons, the franchise stores in the contract period is no longer operational, can apply for the transfer, acquisition, return the safe exit to join;

8. priority to renew the contract: after the expiration of the franchise contract, the club is willing to continue to cooperate, according to the headquarters policy for the new franchise contract.

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