How to let entrepreneurs always maintain the vitality of the brain

once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, embarked on the road of hard work, the risk of countless, so entrepreneurs need to maintain the vitality of the brain, but such a tired, how can we always maintain it? And let Xiaobian analysis to you!

1, buy a good office chair, or a vertical desk.

Geil  Browning recommended Focal  a new brand in the market of Upright furniture company furniture combination, it uses the way between sitting and standing, when you work, can also exercise, it can also help the user to keep attention.

2, do not multitask

if one frequent task switching will happen? Generally speaking, one’s attention was interrupted, he will spend 50% more time to accomplish the same task, but also have more than 50% mistakes. There is a   abroad, a study shows that when driving a cell phone to bring the traffic accident rate is 4 times the usual, because people can not concentrate on driving and mobile phone. The lesson we can learn from this is that, at the same time, a single   service, you will achieve better, faster, and will not bring harm to others.

3, use all senses

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