How to apply for venture capital

the past two years, the State encourages students to actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, and give a number of preferential policies, open convenient ways in the capital, technology, public service etc.. The most difficult for college students to do poineering work than money, the government set up a special fund for college students, so how to apply for college students venture capital?

A, graduates have all kinds of materials, apply to the municipal personnel bureau.

"ordinary entrepreneurship for college graduates to apply for approval";

report card;

I need to transfer to the

two, by the Municipal Personnel Bureau is responsible for the audit of small loans, for graduates in compliance with loan conditions and whether the project belongs to the loan application audit and issued recommendation form, small loans financial discount profit project at the same time, entrepreneurial ability evaluation of graduates to apply for small loans.

three, by the county (city) bureau of personnel review, submitted to the county (city) guarantee agency audit.

Review of

five, the banks handling the United counties (city) and the Bureau of personnel security agencies, jointly review the loan project, responsible for final approval of the loan application. If the loan is approved by the examination and approval authority, the handling bank shall sign a guaranty contract with the guarantee institution and sign a loan contract with the applicant.

six, college graduates (Research Specialist, undergraduate, college students) engaged in self-employed, operating from the date of approval, within 1 years from the self-employed registration fees, management fees, self-employed economic contract demonstration text fee. In addition, if the establishment of informal enterprises, just to the district where the streets to be registered, you can be tax-free for 3 years.

The specific provisions of

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