This Japanese fresh electricity supplier actually did not sell imported products

e-commerce industry has developed rapidly, many new industries have been born, fresh electricity supplier in the field of development potential is amazing, many entrepreneurs to join them. Have to say, in recent years, domestic fresh electricity development speed is very awesome, but most are sales of imported products.

and so a fresh electricity supplier in Japan, as early as a few years ago has been profitable, and almost do not sell imported food, but also do a lot of public welfare activities. The Japanese called "earth fresh delivery is a famous Japanese Social Enterprise Association earth protection subsidiary. This company is how to do public welfare at the same time on the early profit it we first look at the Japanese fresh electricity supplier and the social background of the enterprise.

fresh origins: the background of the establishment of

The founder of

social enterprises

If only NGO, it is difficult to ensure the long-term operation of the association. In order to make the healthy development of NGO, you need financial independence, taking into account these, rattan decided to make the enterprise into a social enterprise, that is now the guardian earth Association Limited by Share Ltd. The social enterprise has dual attributes, the commercial attribute of the enterprise and the non-profit public welfare attribute of NGO. As the enterprise, under the branches, respectively, online shopping, delivery management, restaurant and approved the sale of ecological residential business; as NGO, do the promotion of organic agriculture, improve the campus meals and other public welfare activities. The whole enterprise is a team, but do two things.

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