What are the store design techniques for casual food stores

leisure food is a lot of people love to eat, if you want to start it, can also choose this industry, but there are a lot of need to pay attention to the management of leisure food stores, store design is the key to do well, it not only affect the store’s business, but also affect the brand share in the market, so in first, we must pay attention to the store design. So, what are the store design techniques for snack food stores? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it.

, a layout design: open a leisure food stores, the internal layout must be different according to local conditions to carry on the reasonable arrangement according to the type, store staff numbers, operating varieties number, seasonal changes and business development. The internal layout of the store in general has the following ways:

along the wall: snack food to join what good? Leisure food stores counters shelves and other equipment along the wall arrangement. This approach is conducive to reducing the clerk, save manpower. At the same time, it is helpful for the staff to cooperate with each other.

island type: the counter into the island like distribution, with the counter closed into a closed, central shelves. Island type layout is characterized by a long counter, display more goods, easy to watch and buy customers, the disadvantage is that the site and auxiliary business place is blocked, not easy to add goods within the business hours.

two, shop design: open a leisure food stores, the shop design should be considered when do not let customers produce "claustrophobic" and "dark" poor heart, and passenger refused at the door. Bright, usually shop door is the best design. In the choice of materials can do the following two considerations:

shutter door: snack food franchise stores can be completely open when it is open and bright, but also conducive to improving ventilation conditions, facilitate customer access. Can be seen from the shop store picture, to hold promotional activities. But winter is cold, not conducive to insulation.

glass door: the door visibility is very high, and the frameless glass door belongs to the whole luxury doors, it has good light transmittance ornate for the high-end stores. However, due to the inconvenience of pushing and pulling, it is not conducive to the flow of customers, but also not conducive to ventilation.

three, text design: open a leisure food stores, text design sign shops should be noted that the font, color, position, and should be coordinated; text as possible, the content was deep, and at the same time, is easy to recognize, so that consumers at a glance; text content must be consistent with the shop the sale of goods; the font should pay attention to the popularization of foreign words and Chinese deformation art to be easy to identify.

in fact, no matter what the industry, to better carry on business, will be in the many small details on pay more attention to the introduction of commendation

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