Business calls for words

character is different, people in the treatment of customers when the attitude will be different, the tone will naturally have a great difference. The sky floating snow, days of rain mixed with melting snow, muddy, slippery road.

in the morning, I went to the nearby farms to buy food, a lot of vegetables store varieties of vegetables, some people are holding their own to buy food, an old lady in the pick "letinous edodes", "so you buy food? The ‘letinous edodes’ off, how can we sell? You are really pit father." The old lady suddenly rushed shop boss shouted.

the old lady a boss this tone of anger also came, "they are the" dish "clean cut, you take a piece of selling cottonseed skins, is pulling one dish? As for so fierce? How old are you? In front of my wife, say ‘cheating’, what are you saying, you have so much seniority?" The old man was angry with his hand, and he went off angrily.

I have chosen two lotus on the scale, a look at the amount of money 7.05 yuan, uncensured said "two lotus so heavy?" May the boss just anger has not disappeared, stiffly back to me saying "this is not the lotus, cotton, boss of this one word I block directly no words.

gave him 7 yuan of money, pick up the dishes I saw him said bottom show 0.10 yuan, I said: "you are the boss, let you buy food for your anger and humor to pay? 10 Fen but not Doha." Throw down this sentence, my heart is uncomfortable, the head did not return.

do not know what my boss listened to my words is what kind of feelings and expressions, the attitude and perception of their services.

is now a lot of bosses will stay in their own business in the previous state of business, so how to retain customers? How to protect the store business unpopular? To tell the truth, the fight business is not only the quality, service attitude and behavior is a key factor to showmanship, the same business, different language, different effect is received. Respect for customers, good language, in order to retain customers. If the store owner to speak with the service quality improvement, his business will decline.

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