How to seize the individual shop


shop should any will encounter such a situation, the shop to do business, has a very loyal customers, but also have a lot of tourists, such a special group of customers is more of a stroll, not necessarily buy. But as a store of any individual, these are likely to become their loyal customers, therefore, to find the method, let the individual deal, will be for the development of the shop is very favorable.

shop business, gathered popularity is the key, no popularity, the newly opened store is very easy to fall into bad situation, not to mention no shop popularity, build up the family fortunes, development has become even more hope. Some shopkeepers like to do some promotional activities, but this approach can only solve the problem for a long time, the popularity is still not seen growth. In fact, for small shops, through quality service to seize the individual, develop into their own loyal customers. This is a sensible way.

fit is usually dispersed, scattered to you may not one to visit them. Usually, where they go, where there is no purpose. The general will focus on the best looking fun products or presentation, see the promotion initiative will generally take the initiative to give way, not interfere with the function of the product, often pointing to different products, pay more attention to the product form or new products.

to 3200 marketing is the most difficult to do, but also the biggest test of key sales level. These fit generally appears very relaxed, the product is not picky. Will not be very sensitive to price tips, occasionally marvel at high priced products, but do not focus on a particular product. Although they are wandering, but occasionally there will be a desire to consume, so sales staff still want to maintain the enthusiasm of the distance, in an appropriate way to attract them to their stores, access to the opportunity to consume.

is actually an operator should know any individual, although many, but the market is not well developed, if you want to make them fit into all their customers, natural also need to master more skills. In short, in the contact process and individual, the salesperson’s role is very limited, but also the need to maintain the relative distance, it is possible to deal.

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