Food and beverage investment on the selection of old man fried shrimp

are you still searching the detail of the catering market, only to find a suitable investment projects? Old man spicy pot should be able to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dream of becoming rich. In the food and beverage market in full swing today, the old man spicy hot pot rich variety of products and attractive taste of the product is to attract thousands of customers the secret of success. Rest assured food: all core ingredients are old headquarters of research and development, distribution, has been the national food safety certification QS, and by Shuanghui group unified production packaging, let consumers eat assured delicacy.

old man oil fried shrimp introduction:

old man fried shrimp spicy shrimp oil into a variety of Chinese herbal medicines and spices. After hours of brised, bright red color, spicy but not dry, spicy aftertaste, an increased appetite, entrance crisp outside and tender inside, the shrimp, sweet, spicy, fresh, sweet, let a person forget again across the intestinal, pour a cup of wine, 35 have taste, enjoyable, Sichuan Prefecture tasted all over the country belongs to the old man to eat fried shrimp taste authentic, eat a hundred tire! The secret sauce stir, with more than 100 kinds of fresh ingredients, tangy, spicy appetizers, multi-level enjoy delicious


in the pot of nourishing king, 48 Chinese herbal medicine into the dish, high nutrition, not secret, particularly attractive. The store is bright and spacious, stylish appearance and distinctive features, regardless of party, banquet, leisure, is a good choice! Often passed by the old man outside the shop, exudes seductive scent, always let a person cannot help wanting to enter the shop for a real treat! Based on hundreds of years of traditional Chinese delicacy on the inheritance and innovation to improve the absorption the development, characteristics of the dry pot dish, secret recipe, the others can not copy.

of course, the above is just a brief introduction to the old man’s oil fried shrimp, if you have any other questions about the brand you want to know, please leave a message below our website.

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