2000 yuan to invest in what projects to make money The most profitable hot industry recommended!

good life cannot do without entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship cannot do without looking for projects, more important than the choice to do small business entrepreneurs to find a job today by many people on the agenda, do small business venture capital and people are no longer in the imagination of the investment of eight hundred thousand million, micro business is very popular in recent years, one thousand or two thousand yuan do small business micro entrepreneurs by many people of all ages, 2000 yuan can achieve the business to make money. The 2000 yuan investment for business licenses, including rental housing, and related equipment purchase costs, you can open a shop, or a cart for mobile operators, or distribution of new exotic products etc..

1, digital computer,

[recommended project]

USB interface

Analysis of

message: USB origin of the products currently on the market for Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other areas, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai and other big city promotion. Has not been widely promoted in small cities, investors can seize market opportunities.



2, supplies for children

[recommended project]

intelligent distribution

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