Entrepreneurial team wants to succeed need to find the right person


is a team, then for each component of natural will have very strict requirements, in short, everyone in the team are only willing to strive for entrepreneurship, this team can create greater performance. After all, such as horse racing gambling venture, need Ganpin, dare people to work together with you. To find the maxima bole, winning the game on the success of the most. But Bole not only as a resource, is to become a member of the group, together with the struggle to create their own world!

recently a friend asked me this question: "everyone on your team how to play with blood like, how do you do it?"

Others say we

although I am also very happy extremely excited ", because people are praising us, but I hope that the" mission "of the word, it sounds more prestigious. I probably summed up 10 of their own experience, on how to build a sense of mission team, and share.

first, find the right people on the success of 90%

everything has a key point, grab it can solve the problem of 90%. In the establishment of the mission of the team on this matter, I think key point is looking for the right person.

Our product director Felix

said a very Niubi Retreat: "people don’t live down in a pragmatic team. Vice versa." Each team has its temperament, just as everyone has their own character. The right person, the first day he comes to work will make people feel he has come for a long time. People who don’t have the right to leave someday.

please believe me, don’t think you can change a person’s way of thinking through training, it will give you 90% of the time and only get the effect of 10%. Your team culture is shaped by 90% minutes of interviews.

we need to have such characteristics:

1. self driving, have a strong desire to become a person rather than a rise above the common herd, firm and secure again.

2. focus on pure, willing to invest 100% of the energy to do things, rather than always want to leave their own way.

3. brave and optimistic, dare to challenge difficult tasks, but not timid.

4. stayhungry stay foolish, good at learning, have the ability to continue to progress, rather than the rest.

5. accountability

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