Daqing social entrepreneurship projects

successful entrepreneurs choose a suitable venture in the venture on the road has been successful in half, in such an era of entrepreneurship, local governments are also in helping business in Daqing, in the public for some entrepreneurial projects.

for entrepreneurs, to find a suitable for their own good project is very important. Now the opportunity came, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social organization, in April of this year, the city for the city to collect all sectors of social entrepreneurship projects, and have been recorded into the Daqing venture project library.

project base of less investment, small risk more projects

"in these entrepreneurial projects, with less investment, small scale, low risk projects are." He Deqing said that the project investment budget mostly in 200 thousand yuan, the fledgling record for venture capital in terms of pressure is relatively small, like kung fu chicken project this small business projects, as long as the investment of 35 million on the line. The size of the main project, according to the entrepreneur’s own conditions on the line, the project personnel is also small, mostly used in 2 to 5 employees, less financial expenditure is relatively less natural boss, entrepreneurs can reduce the financial pressure.

in the project library, there are also some large investment projects, for partnership venture group selection.

These large projects

", generally with high content of science and technology, mainly related to environmental protection, manufacturing, planting etc.." He Deqing said, as the environmental category of combustible waste incineration power generation, renewable resources in a smoke-free recommendation

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