make a lot of money for success need to pay attention to what

now society, for many people start empty-handed are the first, from a stall to stall, because the cost is relatively low, while the risk is relatively small, so now stall what method?

1: seize the opportunity. Business opportunities will appear at any time, see how to grasp, like the last pizza investment war, I saw two aspects are called people to invest in a hot 3W immediately bought a 80 investment books, go to a pizza, 6W sold, sold 60 copies, sent home 20, half 1 million 200 thousand hour profiteers do.

2: market forecast. Accurate market forecast is the premise of making money, such as the soon to open the battle, then attack, artillery, bow, is undoubtedly the need to consume a lot of food, according to the market price of goods, their production efficiency can be roughly estimated profits, if the profit can be, no doubt is not miss this opportunity. For example, the previous open prestige, can turn shipbuilding, saw a sudden increase in demand, if there is an accurate prediction of the market, money is not the problem.

3: terrain selection. Is not a good place, where many people are like Genoa, bar the door, I feel bad, too many people, too many stalls, easy to ignore your existence. A little out of the way, the flow of personnel, and a little more open place is the best choice. This is a small area, the big one is what goods sold in what city, like fishing +1, in Lisbon, the price can be sold for high specific heat.

4: advertising sales. "The best" and "good stuff" this kind of words are white said, the key is to illustrate the characteristics of your things, to attract people to see your stall. As for the continuous determination of shout do not, it is easy to cause resentment, and I know a lot of people are directly shielded shout.

5: a few times. If you have a market scarce goods, as a little before the one or two kind of sale, put more easy to give people the feeling of the items can be mass production, to produce " soon decline, can buy the idea of = = ".

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