How to ensure that the cosmetics store into the shop rate

even if the service is good, the quality of the product is guaranteed, but if the customer is not willing to enter the shop, but also how to let the sales staff to play their role, let the shop business is better? So, if you want to shop success, but also need to ensure that the customer into the shop rate. So, how to ensure that the cosmetics store into the shop rate?

sales performance is closely related to the rate of entry, only in the case of ensuring the store rate, the staff can be specific sales, otherwise everything is empty talk. Store image and brand structure are the key factors to determine the rate of entering the store.

as the owner of the cosmetics store, first of all to have a clear understanding of their store image and brand structure. If the boss is not the location of their own understanding of the shop is not thorough, and how consumers will understand the characteristics of this store?

do not understand the characteristics of the store, and how to know what they can buy from the cosmetics store what supplies?

no matter what type of cosmetics store, priority among priorities is to pinpoint their location, understand their target consumer groups, and then stand in the target consumer groups in the perspective of thinking — they love what one of the store image and brand structure? 20~30 year old consumer groups are willing to accept the light luxury, fast fashion store image? And so on, we must think clearly, thoroughly, and then quasi steady to attract the target consumer groups, and then in order to fully guarantee the rate of entry into the consumer.

Fujian beautiful cosmetics shop owner Wu Yongjun, to guarantee into the store, is used to distribute a trial package way.

now can not passively sit in the store, such as customers, to take the initiative to take marketing tools". For example, we recommend with the brand side, do a test gift gift bag, which will put some experience products. Ritual bag fitted with a skin self testing card, so that consumers own self testing the kind of skin, the details of self testing card solutions and products have all kinds of skin on the back of the collocation.

also will identify the store promotional content package, for example, into the store can be like free skin care and maintenance. The back of the package experience we will do a sweep of the two-dimensional code information and then do a beauty consultant. This will have an interaction with consumers in the delivery of packages, can go to the office, hotel and community to distribute. With experience, consulting and activities of the content of the passenger, cited some of the store into the store promotional planning." Wu Yongjun told the "washing cosmetics weekly" reporter.

was once a consumer into the major cosmetics stores for consumption, the market was presented in a state of short supply. However, now the cosmetics store market is very broad, a lot of brands, therefore, the shop only to take more measures to ensure the rate of entry, >

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