Credit management can become a means of business management

for business advice countless people are saying, no matter how to do business, do not be able to credit, after all, this year, easy to ask for payment on credit. However, Xiao Bian here said, in fact, credit management can become a means of business, worth retailers choose.

a few days ago, I was busy store, old Gu came to the store, laughed and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills from his pocket and handed it to me: "boss, I come back." He also said, from another pocket and pulled out some candy in my hand: "this is the son of the wedding candy, thanks to your credit saved my skin!"

old Gu is a frequent visitor to my store, a month ago, he was a little feel shy to tell me that his son is still a week to get married, can sell corn also did not come down, plus his son married and spend a lot of money on some tight, can you give him some credit. Such as alcohol and tobacco, such as corn down after the first time to pay back the money, I have my word. My small supermarket is located at the junction of urban and rural areas, the main customer is the nearby workers and farmers.

as everyone knows, credit management is a "dangerous live", good reputation to repay the money, okay, bad reputation "All is lost". I think someone’s not difficult time, since the credit must have met difficult problems, but he is really believe me, otherwise it will not open mouth. And if you do not agree, not only lost a turnover, but also from the loss of a customer, we shop but rely on repeat customers to survive.

so, I took a book and said: "no problem, this is my book, there are a lot of people have accounts on time also account, I believe you……" Old Gu is very grateful, then even the smoke with wine and many daily necessities, a total of more than 3000 yuan a month, agreed to pay back the money, it is really a month to also.

actually, old Gu is my credit management and one of many customers, some farmers began work as a result of the body temporarily no money, passing the store said credit boxes of cigarettes, I immediately agreed without demur. Here, I operate on credit amount accounted for almost 20% of turnover, more than a few thousand dollars of credit, only a few dollars, but almost all the money.

of course, as long as there is a business management experience, have experience on people should all know that credit is a risk, there may be a loss of will. However, although there will be some losses, but compared with the obtained credit profit accounted for a small part. At present, the retail business faces many difficulties, to change the business ideas, the shot when the shot, otherwise, the opportunity to slip away from you.

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