Bus new welfare Shu Village bus opened

in the urban life though the bus provides great convenience for our trip, but the popularity of public transportation in rural areas is still difficult. But the village bus is an extension of the urban public transport system, but also the difficulty of the operation of the bus system. 2013, Shucheng province in the province to start the integration of urban and rural public transport work, the city had only some bus lines extended to the township. Today, there are a total of 22 Shucheng county bus lines, covering a total of 21 villages and towns, the annual mileage of 12 million km, passengers 22 million passengers. Shucheng county began further pilot village bus, so that more people travel convenience.

in July 1st this year, Shucheng County in the province to test the water, opened from the township to the village bus. Recently, reporters came to the village bus running south of Shucheng County town, understand the functioning of village bus.

More than 6

in the morning, town and village bus first class has run back to the town, the villagers down the bus transfer as soon as possible through the county from the car in succession. Nangang butterfly bus company responsible person told the reporter: "Mei Daiyun South Town, from July 1st onwards, the opening of a town and village bus lines, way of righteousness village, Sha Geng Cun, Guo Dian Cun, Hexi village and other ten villages, a total length of 20 km, a total of 22 sites, can serve nearly 25 thousand villagers." Bus a total of 15 shifts a day, at 5:40 in the morning departure, half an hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon, the whole process of 3 yuan vote.

Town and village bus

new operating a total of 4 buses, all electric cars, "although is a town and village bus, in a car we are not careless, air-conditioning in the summer, winter heating, taking into account the rural elderly and children more, we have increased the number of car seats, nuclear load 35 bus set up 19 seats." Parked car plug in the charger, the driver master Li in the best of spirits to reporters from his car.

South Town, a total of 18 village 1 streets, taste of the town and village bus convenience, other villagers also hope town and village bus to home village. "We strive to at the end of the year and then opened to the East Lane, bay two bus lines, all the town village into the public network, let all the villagers can sit on the bus." Mei Daiyun told reporters.

village on the bus actually good?

Not to

7, the reporter took the departure from the South Town to the village of Laoling bus, Laoling is the most remote village south town. Along the way, every few minutes, the reporter can see a site, from time to time there are villagers carrying eggs and a variety of mountains of local products to sit on the bus. "Take some local products to Shanghai, where my son works. Now the village can sit in the bus, and then change the bus to the town to the county, it is much more convenient than before." In Laoling village recommended

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