Neijiang City, Sichuan, many initiatives to return home venture preferential services

There are many migrant workers from Sichuan to the field of entrepreneurship

leave the hometown every year, with the further promotion of entrepreneurship policy, more and more migrant workers to return home business, enjoy many preferential.

1 27, Neijiang City, by the open area to return to the park a busy construction scene. Here is one of the 9 returning home parks in Neijiang.

to attract home business, the staff in October last year, Neijiang issued the "Neijiang Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of the entrepreneurship of returning" home "project" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the integration of various departments, the 5 aspects of the business registration, tax relief, financial support, financial services, park construction give preferential policies. "Opinions" issued four months, how effective?

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1 21 July, Neijiang city once a year home business spring forum held, more than 200 home business representatives gathered in a word accent and development. Unlike in previous years, this year’s forum, the main leaders of Neijiang to participate in. "As a capital, although worked hard for more than 10 years, but always can not forget the rabbit home. Home business, will face into the rabbit capital in the most unique city name card has always been my dream." The return of the county town business representatives, barosaurus Zizhong Yingbin Bridge Village Chen Xiaobo said emotionally.

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