Shanghai subway graffiti compensation system of foreign seminude for minors

in December last year, the Shanghai subway a half naked graffiti, according to a survey for a foreign minors, the parties have to related parties for compensation, and accepted the criticism and education.

2016 in January 17th 14, the parties in accordance with the requirements of graffiti and the guardian to Shanghai Xuhui District Yishan Road police station, the graffiti fouling of parties and cleaning expenses payment (payment by the guardian), totaling 415.8 yuan.

in view of graffiti parties under the age of 18, the Shanghai subway on the criticism and education, supplemented by punishment compensation measures. The person said to accept the lesson, the future will strictly abide by the laws and regulations of our country and the "Shanghai city rail traffic management regulations", civilized lawful travel, no longer free defacing public property.

2015 in December 14th, some friends broke the news, with black graffiti in Shanghai Metro Line 9 train carriages in the first cab door side of the wall, including naked portrait and bleeding eyes, wrote the following rock lyrics "Have  no  plans   for  me.  I  will  set  my  soul  on  fire……" The graffiti will leave the paint tank on the spot.

According to the provisions of the "Regulations"

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