The effect of different conditions on the intestinal tract of frozen yogurt

There are a lot of people have mentioned

yogurt often think of yogurt should be refrigerated better drink, but there are also many different room temperature yogurt in life, then, room temperature yogurt and frozen yogurt on intestinal which one is better?

mentioned yogurt, general thought is placed in the supermarket freezer, fermented milk drink is cool, but the last one or two years, there has been a lot of yogurt at room temperature on the market, and more and more people welcome. "More pure" "nutrition is rich" is the usual reference to the yogurt in normal temperature yogurt advertising. Nutrition experts pointed out that the so-called normal temperature yogurt is the activity of lactic acid bacteria to kill yogurt, its nutritional value and ordinary yogurt almost, but in the regulation of intestinal flora may be different.

The yogurt at room temperature is

"kill" bacteria

"yogurt with active bacteria, so be refrigerated." This is the common people’s understanding of yogurt. That room temperature yogurt is how to return a responsibility? Nutshell network science columnist, associate professor of food safety, Dr. Zhong Kai pointed out that in fact the yogurt at room temperature, the activity of bacteria in yogurt "kill".

"do it first need pasteurization of raw milk. Since pasteurization can not kill all the bacteria, it is necessary to immediately add lactic acid bacteria fermentation." Lactic acid bacteria with a number of advantages can quickly occupy the position, to avoid the pasteurized milk to expand reproduction of a fish escaped through the Seine. In lactic acid bacteria after fermentation, yogurt need to cool down, let to stop the growth and acid production of lactic acid bacteria, or continuous lactic acid produced by the lactic acid bacteria, which is why choked to death "in the supermarket a lot of yogurt should be put in the freezer cause.

then "pasteurized yoghurt heat treatment is how come? Zhong Kai pointed out that, in fact, pasteurization heat treatment is the two process >

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