Shanghai excellent cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs to choose activities

a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere of the environment for the development of entrepreneurship is important. Yesterday, Shanghai launched a selection of outstanding cultural enterprises and entrepreneurial activities, the results will be announced in April.

to further create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship, innovation of the public, promote the sustained and healthy development of cultural industry in Shanghai, the 2015 annual "Shanghai top ten cultural enterprises", "top ten enterprise culture of Shanghai" and "Shanghai cultural business person of the year" series nomination on February 22, 2016 in the city to start, this is the first time in Shanghai organization the field of cultural industry outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in character selection activities.


it is reported that the selection of activities specific reporting categories are divided into arts and culture, radio and television, press and publication, the culture of science and technology and other five categories. Where the above categories and reporting conditions, registered in the Shanghai area of cultural enterprises, may be in March 20, 2016, before the declaration of the Oriental network.

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