How to invest Pork Chop selling fast food

fast food is called fast food the main feature is a "fast", in the range of people can afford waiting time in giving consumers what they want, then you will have success in some degree. Tianjin Jin Sheng Sheng food science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Eastern District of Tianjin city center lot, the company was founded in 2013, the main stereotypes packaging, bulk food sales, as well as franchise and training. Tianjin is a company based on the advantages of resources, a number of enterprises and production base, with the development and sales of food professional enterprises. Adhering to the "quality, innovation, health, fashion" business philosophy, to the traditional delicacy food technology combined with modern technology, strict implementation of national food quality and safety norms, Everfount for our customers to provide high grade and high quality health food.

How about

investment Pork Chop selling fast food?


company’s brand now includes "SUGAR sugar potato" and "Porkchop Fun Pork Chop traders" and other outstanding catering franchise brand. "Porkchop Fun Pork Chop" is to the main Japanese takeout lunch are food and beverage brands from Japan in 2013 introduced directly, "Porkchop Fun Pork Chop" brand has been accepted when the national register trademark registration bureau, through practical experience and years of steady development, in 2016 began the formal development of franchising.

Pork Chop trafficking is the national treasure of Japan is Japanese ace delicacy, it stars, you go to any country, can not find such as Japanese food production of refined nutritious lunch. Japanese Bento is too much like a work of art. It is this exquisite, reflects the characteristics of traditional Japanese cuisine, the taste that you never forget, the Red Star networking flock to it, the incoming domestic traders Pork Chop takeaway is to let love it when fans into obsession, have lamented the charm of it.

Pork Chop traders join advantage:

1, 30 seconds out of the meal can be so healthy and delicious

now takeaway brand no taste and quality of dragons and fishes jumbled together, at all, at a meal to ensure Pork Chop stall speed at the same time the selection of ingredients, the pursuit of the ultimate health and delicious.

2, seven series of classical sections

Japanese traditional delicacy into Chinese cooking seven series of products gathered all kinds of chowhound


3, never cook can also change the daily material master

500 square meters of the central kitchen, Japanese pine House chef made uniform distribution, the standard operation procedure of quality assurance, one can set up shop, let you instantly started operation on the basis of the 0, the master is so simple.

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