Hand travel start-up enterprises in the financing of the ten errors

choose a popular, there is demand for the industry, in order to more easily win wealth. Hand travel market with the same situation in the rapid changes in the financing situation. As one of the 2013 year-end inventory series, today Xiaobian to talk about the hand travel start-up enterprises in the financing of the ten major errors.

1. hand travel industry, a lot of money, I now come out to be sure to get money.

2. do not look for investment institutions. I know many friends, real estate, Zhejiang rich…… They also make money faster.

3. my team to do the development of the line, but not the market, the game will get a good investment company.

4. venture capital is still large, but I and the team want to do something independent, and now many large companies in the recruitment of the studio, I see good.

5. initial venture investors can not get the money, it seems that we are not enough, a little discouraged.

> based truth:

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