Store opening how to attract traffic

opened a store any, natural to want a gun can be fired, has a high popularity, can have a flow of people more. However, if the store does not do related activities, it is not easy to achieve such a goal. So, how to attract people to shop opening?

first, opening time is very important

as far as possible through the target group segmentation and market research, know what period of leisure, so as to attract more customers, causing a sensation effect. The general election on Saturday and Sunday opening is the best, because these two days of the week is the most people feel the most shopping day, but also the flow of people most of the time two. The customer is the herd mentality, likes lively, the person brings the popularity, will be able to bring more business in the future.

second, to have a strong shopping atmosphere for the newly opened shop to expand publicity

shop opened have opened the atmosphere, to let the customer know that you are a new shop, some cheap can be accounted for!

According to the features of your

consumer groups, to carry out promotional activities, free gift delivery, face-to-face word-of-mouth and appropriate advertising investment, operation methods are all such. No what special trick to do such promotional activities, nowadays advertising is too much, too often, organize some activities, and launched a series of free advertising gift delivery is quite attractive.

third, do membership card or integral card

this is a very good and effective approach, because it can greatly improve the customer’s turnover rate. Many old customers in order to be able to change to the gift, will introduce some new friends come to buy, the same goods in you and in other stores have to sell the general customers will first choose your shop to buy. So do membership cards or integral cards in almost every industry respected.

if any activities do not, simply waiting for customers to come, such a business would like to do unpopular is not easy. So, if you want to open the store can have more traffic, may wish to take some activities, the above three methods introduced by small may wish to use oh.

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