9 the company launched 22 billion 200 million yuan fund-raising case nternet plus gold basket

NPC and CPPCC during the government level "Internet plus" promising to allow capital market fashion. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, only two weeks since March this year, two city, 9 companies launched a "Internet plus" on the set by the case, the total amount of fund-raising is set by the case involving a total of about 22 billion 180 million yuan, and the project investment is all kinds of, from agriculture to Internet the Internet securities are covered.

"There is no doubt that the concept of

company will usher in the capital concern, the stock price rise, but will be the best time for inspection, the future really has been involved in the business model and the formation of the enterprise can obtain the long-term concern of investors." Investment adviser consultant Cui Yu in an interview with the securities daily interview tips.

"Internet plus" into "gold basket"


proposed "Internet plus related projects listed companies, all kinds of fields involved.

for example, DaBeiNong announcement that the proposed increase fund-raising 2 billion 200 million yuan, after deducting the cost of issue amount will be used for agriculture and the Internet financial ecosystem construction projects, repay loans and supplement working capital; Peng said, the proposed increase of about 5 billion yuan, after deducting the cost of issue will be used to "smart home wireless sensor network project just Thai Holdings; said the proposed increase fund-raising 3 billion 295 million yuan for the acquisition of equity and O2O marketing channels and information management center construction project; Shanxi securities announcement said that the proposed increase fund-raising 4 billion yuan, for the development of Internet Securities business.

on the surface, almost no what can’t be put in a "Internet plus the basket. However, there are some companies have been given the case after the increase in the number of investors Tucao, that the technical content is far from the company described as beautiful".

access to past on the capital market data shows that some listed companies raise investment project "story" is too good and the reality of poor performance, later incorporated into the listed company there is a black swan event, the performance of Listed Companies in the black hole.

in this regard, Cui Yu suggested that the relevant policies and inducements, many Internet companies involved in the project are somewhat related blindness, investors need to due diligence to reduce investment risk. To examine the business environment, companies involved in the Internet is represent the general trend and essential, if so, then the concept of enterprise mode have a market demand basis, whether there is a mature mode, whether the enterprise has the best Internet partner or quality acquisition targets are the investors need to consider.

however, whether the company is set by the case of how the future, but in the launch of these programs in the short term, the company shares are sought after by investors, according to statistics from the Wind data, the addition of "Internet plus" concept of the listed company, after the launch of the program set by the stock price rose to varying degrees, even in two weeks, the share price has risen by more than 60%.

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