Cyber crime black industry chain trend borderless annual output over billion

domestic network fraud practitioners up to 1 million 600 thousand annual output over one billion

cyber crime black industry chain towards borderless

from China’s network of criminal gangs in Europe, the United States set up phishing sites, through a rigorous team cooperation to return home fraud. This has become a normal network crime, thus forming a black industry chain has begun to grow.

"Economic Reference News" reporter 16, from the fourth Chinese Internet security conference was informed that the national China, the United States, Russia, Britain is actively promoting the network security international law enforcement cooperation, through extensive international cooperation, and actively create a comprehensive, wide-ranging, multi-level, pragmatic against cyber crime international law enforcement cooperation pattern.

rampant over half of cybercrime is now transnational

"in recent years, the trend of transnational crime has emerged, China has reached consensus with the United States, Russia, Britain and other countries in the fight against cybercrime." Zhong Zhong, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Network Security Bureau 16, China made the above statement at the fourth China Internet Security conference.

Chinese Internet Network Information Center released the "thirty-seventh Chinese Internet development report" shows that as of December 2015, China’s netizens reached 688 million, the annual total of new users of 39 million 510 thousand people. Internet penetration rate of 50.3%, an increase of 2.4%. Such a large group of Internet users has become the target of attack, network crime is rampant, and the emergence of transnational characteristics.

"transnational crime is to hide their criminal behavior." Founder and President of the 360 companies, 360 netlegend chairman and CEO Qi Xiangdong said, domestic hackers choose to attack their own country by transnational network springboard type, it is the weak characteristics of collaborative network security between countries, because each country will have evidence in their own countries, tracing the high degree of difficulty. He told the Economic Information Daily reporters, the past two years, the rise of transnational crime rates, has more than half, is expected to soon exceed 80%, or even up to 100%.

Chinese Internet security conference organizing committee secretary general, 360 chief anti fraud expert Pei Zhiyong told reporters that the outline of transnational chain operation mode, in order to avoid the network supervision, more and more criminal gangs began to use overseas springboard server, using domestic and international supervision "hollow" area and the implementation of the crime, so as to increase the regulatory crackdown the difficulty. For the foreign service providers, because the victims are Chinese residents, does not receive any complaints, do not know who is registered in the website, can not come into contact with the perpetrators and victims, it will not be to combat phishing sites. It is worrying that the current foreign Gang organized, there are plans to carry out international cyber attacks, focusing on education, research, energy, public facilities and other fields, has been a threat to national security.

it is understood that since April last year, the national

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